All LOGIN 2018 tickets must be assigned to a person to become valid. The only way tickets can be assigned is to fill-in a quick questionnaire that appears at the checkout process (if 1 ticket is bought) or at your ticket email (if 2 or more tickets are bought).

We ask you a few simple questions that are needed to give you all essentials of event: the event app, the networking tool, and the badge with your details. We use this information to improve your time at LOGIN 2018 event only. 

You will be available to enter or change your details until your ticket is scanned at the registration place where event badge and bracelet will be provided to you.

Here are questions we ask and why:

name, surname and company name - all event attendees will receive personal badge with this information on it. As professional networking will be a huge thing at LOGIN 2018, with this we open the door to your first conversations with other attendees.

email and phone number - to activate networking, we are launching our new event app with an integrated networking in-app tool, which will allow you to find attendees you are interested in from professional side, to text them, meet them and more. Before the event, the login codes to event app will be sent to your email and repeated to your phone, so you could login without difficulties. Without this, you will not be able to use the event app.
Information about the app will appear soon. 

passionate about: creativity/technology/business - we are sure that innovation consists of three main topics and we ask you to choose one, which you feel the most related to yourself. Every topic will have its own colour and we will give you the chosen topic's colour badge, so that you could easily start a conversation with others.

No harm, just your best experience at LOGIN 2018!

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