Every ticket must be assigned to an exact person, who will use it. If 1 ticket is bought, the quick assignation form appears at the checkout process. Here you must fill-in the details of a ticket holder. If 2 or more tickets are bought, the ticket assignation links will be sent to you by email together with your tickets. 

Important: ticket assignation links will be active until the end of event, however, to avoid the stress of filling-in the details while already waiting in the line to take the attendee badge and run to the must hear talk, so please be sure to do this before the event :)

Here is ticket buying and assigning process explained below.

1) Click BUY NOW. 

Choose the number of tickets you want to buy. You can choose Student and Standard tickets at the same checkout. Then click PROCEED.

2) Assign your ticket. There are 2 ways to assign your ticket depending on the number of tickets you buy. Checkout process is further explained after ticket assignation part.

Buying 1 ticket

You will be asked to assign your ticket by entering ticket holder's data at the checkout process. A quick form as showed in the picture below will appear automatically.

All tickets must be assigned to a person. Non assigned tickets will NOT be valid.

Buying 2 and more tickets

When buying 2 or more tickets, you will receive them in separate emails with links to fill-in the ticket assignation form. You can send those tickets to your colleagues and friends for them to assign their ticket personally. Do not forget that all tickets must be assigned before the event starts.

3) Choose the Payment method: by credit card, by bank link, by invoice.
Enter asked details, agree to Fienta's terms of service, click "Make payment" and voilà!

4) Receive your tickets. You will receive your tickets to your email right away after the payment is done. You can also download your tickets after the check-out, but do not worry, your tickets will be sent to your email also.


There are two ways companies can receive an invoice for their purchase.

1) Invoice after payment by bank-link or credit card. At the checkout process, where you have to choose payment method, check box will appear with a tittle "I would like an invoice for my company". Mark the check box, enter the company's details and the invoice will be attached to the letter together with your tickets.

2) Invoice before payment. This is an option for companies which want to reserve tickets and pay later, and need an invoice for their purchase. Choosing this payment method, you will be asked to insert your company's details and obtain an invoice. Download an invoice and pay it with money transfer from your bank. Tickets will be reserved for you and sent after the invoice is payed.

The invoice is the final invoice issued by the event organiser "Login conferences". No other invoices are needed.

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