Your tickets will be issued a minute after payment is done. From the time you receive your tickets, you have 14 days to apply for ticket cancellation and full money refund. No refunds are made later than 14 days after you receive your tickets.

Important: only the person, who placed an order, has a right to ask for money refund. In 30 days period, money will be transferred back to the bank account from which the payment for these tickets was received.

For the refund, please resend your ticket email to our ticket providers to Please, do not change the subject, as the order ID is included in it. In your email, please make a note asking for ticket refund.

Important: if you have bought more than one ticket and want to get refunded for one of the tickets only, please be sure to resend the exact ticket email.

People from Fienta will contact you as soon as possible and hold this process in their hands until money will get back to you.

Refunded tickets will be made invalid to use.

No money refund inquiries need to be sent to LOGIN additionally. In case you can not contact Fienta, please contact us to 

Tickets can not be resold. Please check this article here.

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