Ticket types

There are only 2 ticket types - Standard and Student.

Both tickets give you access to all LOGIN 2018 events on June 7-8.

Tickets are sold in three periods - Early Bird, Regular, Late. Price will change according the sales period. Prices increase closer to the event.

Student tickets and discount

Students have an exceptional 30% discount to tickets.

Important: please keep in mind, that at the registration to event, when your ticket will be scanned and event's badge and bracelet provided, we will ask you to show your personal valid student ID card. We keep the right to NOT let you into the event if you will not provide your valid student ID card.

All Student ticket holders must have their personal valid student ID card. You cannot use other person's Student ID card to validate your ticket.

Discounts do not sum. Student tickets do not get additional group discount. See information about group discounts below.

Group discount

20% group discount applies buying 10 or more Standard tickets. Discount will be applied automatically after choosing 10 or more tickets to buy.

Group discount do not apply for Student tickets.

Buying Student and Standard tickets together

At the same checkout you can buy Student and Standard tickets together.

Group discounts to Standard ticket apply automatically at the checkout process. 

E.g. if you buy 8 Standard and 2 Student tickets, group discount does not apply. If you buy 10 Student tickets and 10 Standard tickets, group discount for Standard tickets applies automatically.

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