Smart App Banners are presented unobtrusively at the top of a mobile webpage to inform and encourage users to open the native app or install it if they already haven’t.

They provide a direct link to download the mobile app depending on each visitor’s device. When the mobile app finishes downloading, the “View” button changes to “Open” and tapping it will launch the app. If the mobile app is already installed on a device, the banner intelligently changes its action and tapping it will simply open the app. 

Smart App Banners are an incredibly valuable tool for converting web traffic into app users that will regularly engage with your app. Please note that if you have purchased a Full Pack (Website & Mobile Apps) we will add the Smart App Banner to your mobile site for you.

In any other case, if you wish to set up your smart app banners for a webpage we have not developed you will need to know:

  1. The URLs of your mobile apps in application stores

  2. Your Mobile Apps IDs

How can I find my iOS App iTunes ID?

Your ID can be retrieved from the direct link of your app in iTunes.
For example an iTunes store URL has the following format:[country]/app/[App–Name]/id[YOUR ID]?mt=8

Therefore, your iOS app ID in the above example would be 123456789.

How can I find my Android App ID?

You can get your Google app ID from your app’s URL in Google Play. The URL will look like this:
You have to copy everything after “id=“; in this case:, will be your ID.

How can I find my Windows App ID?

Please contact in order to learn more about Windows App IDs and where you can find them.

What's next?

After locating your app IDs you will have to add the smart app banners to your website.

Smart app banners for WordPress Websites

In case your website is built on WordPress, you will firstly need to install the App Banners plugin by visiting

Activate the plugin, then go to Settings --> App Banners and enter your App Store IDs, Author, App Title and Price (in case of paid apps).

Smart app banners for JOOMLA Websites

If your website is built on Joomla, you will need to activate App Store Smart Layer plugin by visiting

Subsequently, you have to customise the settings of the plugin, providing your mobile apps IDs.

Smart app banners for any website

In case your website is built on any other platform you will need to integrate the code into your website's core files if you are familiar with coding.

We provide a pre-made customised code and instructions that can be found at

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