An Apple Developer Account is required in order to host your branded app in the app store.

When do I need it and how much does it cost?

In case your plan (iOS Single App, Bundle Apps & Full Pack) includes the development of an iOS mobile app then you need to enroll to Apple's Developer Account Program so that we can submit your iOS mobile app there. Note that creating and maintaining an Apple Developer Account costs 99$ USD per year, a cost that must be paid directly to Apple.

If you own more than one iOS mobile application of the same type and functionality (e.g. 3 Radio mobile apps) we strongly recommend creating individual Apple Developer Accounts for each one. You may find more information by visiting the 4.2.6 App Store guideline

Choosing a membership type

There are plenty Apple developer account membership types depending on your needs. Feel free to find more information here.

Individuals or single person businesses can register as Individuals. In that case, your Apple Developer Account name in App Store must be your personal name.

If you want to use your legal entity (company) name as an Apple Developer Account name then you need to register as an Organisation. This involves a longer process than registering as Individual, e.g. providing a D-U-N-S Number (available for free), but enables you to register in the program using your company name.

What's next?

After creating your Apple Developer Account you will need to provide us with access so that we can submit your iOS app there and prepare it for delivery in App Store. There are 2 different ways to do that depending on your membership type.

In case you have registered as Individual you need to email us at providing the following information:

  • Apple Developer Account ID (login email)
  • Apple Developer Account Password

Then, you will have to deactivate 2-factor authentication so that we can have access to your Apple Developer Account anytime we need to update it or perform changes to your store listing. You can do this by visiting and signing in to your Apple ID account page. In the Security section, click Edit and click Turn Off Two-Step Verification.

Alternatively, in case you have registered as Organisation you can send an invitation to share access to and provide Admin rights to our account. Please note that you have to send this invitation from both your Apple Developer and your iTunes accounts and make sure Looksomething is designated as Admin. This will allow us to gain access to your Apple Developer Account with certain restrictions. You can learn more about Team Roles here.

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