You can create a calendar from your dashboard or by clicking here. For more information on how to create a calendar, you can check our tutorial video below:

To Create a Calendar:

  1. Go to your dashboard

  2. Click on Add New Calendar

  3. In the Set Calendar Details, define a calendar name, time zone, upload a logo, and select an industry for your new calendar, then Create Calendar & Continue
    💡 Tip: You can name a calendar after a client or project

  4. In the next step, Connect your social media accounts for this calendar

  5. Set Calendar Workflow to one that best suits your needs

  6. Optional step:  Set post idea preferences by connecting up to 3 RSS feeds

  7. Finally, invite collaborators to join and contribute to your new calendar!

💡 Tips:

  • Steps 3, 5, 6, and 7 can be updated at anytime a calendar has been created from the Calendar Settings

  • We recommend having each calendar created from the same account to keep everything under one subscription and avoid transfers.

  • If you are not the subscriber and see a warning message telling you that your trial will be ending soon or that you will need to subscribe, check out this article to see your options.

  • If your trial has ended, you can also create calendars under the subscriber's plan, automatically transferring calendar ownership to the subscriber.

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