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What can I do from Calendar View?
What can I do from Calendar View?

Learn what you can do in Calendar View including grouping and ungrouping fine-tuned posts

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Calendar View allows you to:

  • Filter posts by format, channel, media, status & assignee.

  • Create a post and create quick placeholders. You can also edit a post, duplicate or delete it.

  • Drag and drop posts to update the scheduled date.

  • Update from a monthly to a 4-week view and return to today's date if you are viewing a past or a future month!

  • Quick Navigate from one month to another by clicking on the month and year

  • Group and Ungroup posts that have fine-tuned dates. You can see your post variations grouped as one post (based on Generic Content), or ungrouped for each social media channel (based on Fine-Tuning Content). You can view the scheduled dates and times for each social media channel by hovering your cursor over the post variation (e.g. x1).

    By clicking on "Ungroup Posts," you will see the scheduled date and time for each social media channel.

  • Preview your post's content for each social media channel.

💡 Tip:

  • You can select a Default View (List or Calendar) for each calendar in Calendar Settings and for All Calendars in Settings.

  • Feel free to check out the Flash Webinar about Content Views here.

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