Not only are you able to create posts and ads, create notes, and create post templates from the library, but you can also organize your files by adding descriptions or create a new slideshow from your uploaded image files directly from your library.

Add descriptions

You can add descriptions to all your library items, making it easier to organize your assets.

📝 Note:

  • When you add a description to a note and create a post from that note, the description is automatically used as the copy of the post (which you can edit as necessary). If you create a post from multiple notes, descriptions will be concatenated to form the copy of the post.

  • Description for Photo Details and Video Details will not be added to your copy.

Create slideshows

Last but not least, you can create slideshows from images inside your library. Simply select which images you want to combine (files must be all .png or .jpg to create a video file), click on the video icon, and it will create a video file from the photos selected.

From there, name the video and select the width, height, and time duration of each frame.

Want to learn more about the Library? Watch this Flash Webinar here to learn more!

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