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Can I tag and @mention users from Loomly?
Can I tag and @mention users from Loomly?

Learn how to @mention or tag pages/ people when scheduling posts in Loomly

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1. Tag users on images

We allow you to tag up to 20 non-private/ public Instagram accounts on any Instagram post image.

Here's what you'll need to do to tag your images:

  • Create your post normally, then go to the fine-tuning panel for Instagram

  • Click on the gear icon for an image to open the Attachment Settings

  • Click the Tag Users button

  • Click anywhere on the image, type in the handle, and then press enter

  • Repeat for any other users you'd like to tag

  • You can also switch to other images in your post to tag additional users

2. @Mention users in your copy

Currently, you can @mention on the following channels from the fine-tuning panel of Post Builder (second panel): 

  • Facebook (pages only)

  • X/Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

📝 Note:

  • We do not support @mentions suggestions for Instagram, TikTok, or X/Twitter; however, if you know the exact @username of the user you want to tag, you can include it in the copy of your post.

  • There are some API limitations surrounding LinkedIn profile mentions.

    • Profile @-mentions are only available for LinkedIn pages.

    • The profile you @-mention must follow your page.

    • Try the first name, then the last name to see if the profile you want to tag is listed as an option.

    • You will need to add at least 3 characters when searching.

    • Use only alphabetical characters. Up to one space, apostrophe, or dot is allowed when searching for a profile

    • When selecting a profile from the drop-down options, you can confirm that the correct profile is tagged by opening the link in the preview.

  • Currently, you can only @mention other Facebook pages in Loomly due to limitations with the API.

  • Please note that @mentions entered from the generic content panel won't be considered, as they must be channel-specific. 

 💡 Tips:

  •  In the Fine-tune Each Channel panel, be sure to put your cursor after the entire @mention to populate results

  • In the Fine-tune Each Channel panel, you will notice that the @mention is highlighted in green if completed properly. You can also click the link in the preview to confirm.

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