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Can I use emojis in Loomly?

I want to use emojis in my copy

Updated over a week ago

Absolutely! Loomly supports emojis with a built-in Emoji Keyboard available in Post Builder and Interactions.

You can add emojis by clicking the Emoji icon in either the generic or fine-tuning content panel of Post Builder and when replying in Interactions. You can also do the following with our emoji keyboard:

  • Search for emojis by category

  • Search for emojis by text

  • Change the skin tone of the emoji

💡 Tip:

  • Select a skin tone by pressing the circle on the bottom right, then select the skin tone of your choice.

  • You can also add Emojis if you are using any devices running OSx (e.g. MacBook) or iOS (iPhone)

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