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Can I target a post to a specific audience?
Can I target a post to a specific audience?
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Take a look at our quick webinar:

We support Facebook and LinkedIn Audience Targeting, allowing you to organically target your audience on your posts for Facebook pages and LinkedIn company pages.

Facebook Audience Targeting

You can currently save & load Facebook audiences with Preferred Audiences & Audience Restrictions parameters. You can save Facebook audiences — and load them — from the fine-tuning panel to target your favorite audiences in a few clicks:

1. When you create a post, define a Facebook audience in Post Builder:

2. Name it and save it:

3. Next time you create a post, simply load it in two clicks:

IMPORTANT: After August, 1st 2018, due to changes in Facebook API, it is no longer be possible to target organic posts by gender or language when publishing to Facebook Pages. Age targeting will also be limited to specifying a minimum age of 13, 17, 18, 19, or 21.

Targeting by location, interests, relationship status, and education will still be supported.

LinkedIn Audience Targeting

To organically target your LinkedIn Audience:

  • Go to Post Builder for a calendar connected to a LinkedIn Company Page

  • Select LinkedIn as a channel, and build your post as you usually would

  • Go to the fine-tuning panel for LinkedIn, click Target Audience and Promote, define the segment you would like to target, and then schedule your post

📝 Note: The targeted segment must have at least 300 followers; otherwise, your post will fail.

Please remove the selection if you see the warning "Too few followers for ..." to prevent post errors.

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