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Are your prices subject to sales tax or VAT?
Are your prices subject to sales tax or VAT?
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United States

Currently, Texas is only subject to sales tax. If your billing address is within the United States and you are tax exempt, please send proof to us in the chat or here. Our team will be able to make updates for you before you subscribe or your sales tax is updated.

My organization is tax-exempt, what can I do to prevent a sales tax charge?

Please contact us here or via chat if your organization has an exemption on sales tax, and send us any support available for your exemption.

We recommend contacting our team if you see any sales tax listed before you subscribe or upgrade if you have proof of tax exemption.

Other countries

Sales tax and VAT are not applicable to Loomly subscriptions, as we are not an e-commerce store (we are not selling goods). All prices you see are the prices you'll pay.

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