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How to respond to messages, comments, replies, and mentions with Loomly
How to respond to messages, comments, replies, and mentions with Loomly

Easily engage with your audience through Loomly Interactions, our Community Management Tool

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The Interactions Management feature includes managing replies and messages through your connected social media accounts. It is available from the toolbar of each calendar:

You can manage the following through Loomly:

  • Facebook: Comments, mentions, and messenger for Facebook pages.

  • Instagram: Comments and tags for Business and Creator accounts and direct messages for Creator accounts with less than 500k followers and Business accounts.

  • X/Twitter: Comments, mentions, and messages.

  • LinkedIn: Comments for both Personal Profiles and Company Pages and also mentions for Company Pages.

📝 Notes:

  • Interactions for Instagram ads or boosted posts are currently not supported.

  • There are some limits on storing and fetching interactions. We track comment & message creations over a rolling span of 14 days on a weekly basis. Our limits for interactions over the past two weeks are 5,000 comments and 2,500 messages.

  • We retain up to 6 months worth of data.

Learn more about organizing and collaborating with your team using Interactions.

Assign Status

You can assign 3 different statuses for Interactions:

  • Unread: New interactions that have not been read yet

  • Read: Interactions that have been read but not closed

  • Archived: Any interactions that were marked as archived

When clicking on an interaction type, you will see Opened interactions which consist of read and unread interactions.

Interactions can also be marked as read, unread, or archived on the individual interaction level or collectively on the section level for all comments, mentions, or taggings.

How to Filter by the Interaction's Status:

Select an option from the dropdown menu by clicking Filter by Status.

Open will be the default selection, but you can filter by unread, read, or archived states.

How to Update the Status of an Individual Interaction:

Simply choose the status (Mark as Unread, Archive, or Open) you'd like from directly above the interaction:

How to Update the Statuses for All Comments, Mentions, or Taggings: 

Simply update the statuses (Mark all as read, Mark all as unread, Archive all) as follows:

Assign Collaborators and View the Responder

Ensure that the right person on your team is assigned to manage the interaction and easily view who replied to the interaction.

How to Assign a Collaborator:

To assign Interactions to a collaborator, select the "Assigned to" field, and then choose the collaborator who you would like to assign:

How to See What Interactions Are Assigned to Whom:

You can view interactions that you or your teammates are assigned to by filtering by assignee:

How to See Who Replied to an Interaction:

If you would like to check who replied to the Interaction, it will be displayed in parentheses next to your brand name in the response:

Saved Replies

You can respond to fans and customers faster by creating, editing, and using saved replies. Saved replies are accessible for all channels within a calendar.

How to Open the Saved Replies Manager:

Click on Manage Saved Replies, next to Reply.

You can create, apply, edit, or delete saved replies from the Saved Replies Manager.

How to Create a Saved Reply:

  • Name your new saved reply in the New Saved Reply Name field

  • Add the content in the New Saved Reply Content field

  • Click Create

How to Apply a Saved Reply in your Response:

  • Click on add Saved Reply to Copy (+)

To edit or delete a saved reply:

  • Click on Edit (pencil) to edit the copy

  • Click on Delete (red trashcan) to delete

Learn more about how you can build your brand and engage your audience using our Interactions tool in this Flash Webinar!

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