1. Activate Loomly Ads Manager

  • Go to Ads Manager from inside your calendar

  • Click on the green button "Activate Ads Manager"

2. Connect a Facebook Ad Account

  • From your Social Accounts tab in your Calendar Settings, click on "connect" Facebook for ads

  • Select a Facebook page associated with your Ad Account

  • Select the Ads account

3. Create a new ad

  • From your Calendar, click on the Ads Manager icon

  • Once in Loomly Ads Manager, click on the green "New Ad" button

4. Define Ad Campaign

  • Choose between an existing campaign previously created in Loomly or create a new one

  • Loomly supports the following objectives: Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Video Views, and Conversions

5. Define Ad Set 

  • Define an Ad Set Name

  • Select a budget (daily or lifetime)

  • Select a Start and End Time

  • For conversions ads, select a Conversion Event

  • Select your targeting criteria (you must at least select a location)

  • Optional: Select or exclude a Custom Audience

  • Optional: Choose your Ad placement (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger)

  • Optional: add a radius to the cities you want to target in the "Locations" field. You can also target by zipcodes.

  • 📝 Note: You can save an audience in Loomly and use it later on

6. Define Ad

  • 📝 Note: Loomly supports: single image, single video and carousel ads

  • Select an Ad name

  • To generate the ad preview, make sure you have at least added an ad name and a website URL for single image and video format ; and at least two slides with an image and a link for the carousel format.

  • You can select the tracking pixel you want to use

  • You can select a Call to Action button to be added to your ad.

7. Preview an ad

  • Once your ad is saved, you can preview it in Ad View (similar to Post View you know and love)

  • You can preview the different placements your ad will be featured in.

8. Approval and collaboration

  • Ads have the same states as posts: Draft, Pending Approval, Requires Edits, Approved, Pushed

  • You can assign collaborators to ads

  • Ad logs let you know who did what on the ad

  • You can comment and mention collaborators

As soon as your ad has been pushed to Facebook Ads Manager, you can click on the link: "View ad in Facebook ads Manager" available in Ad View to access it on Facebook.

Feel free to check out the Flash Webinar about Loomly Ads Manager here.

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