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How do I publish to Instagram using reminders?
How do I publish to Instagram using reminders?

Learn how to use Loomly's mobile app to publish to Instagram

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Take a look at our quick video tutorial on how to publish to Instagram with Loomly:

In this article we'll also review:

1. How to manually publish an Instagram post

When creating an Instagram post, you have the option to toggle "Publish Manually" in the Fine-tune Each Channel panel.

After you select this option, you'll receive a push notification to manually publish the post at your chosen time.

Please that the following posts will need to be manually published due to limitations with Instagram's API:

  • All post for Instagram Creator accounts, Personal accounts, Instagram Business Accounts that are not connected through a Facebook page.

  • Instagram Business and Creator Accounts connected through a Facebook page where the media uploaded doesn't fit the API criteria.

2. How to use push notification reminders to manually publish to Instagram

If any Instagram post must be manually published, you can use Loomly's push notifications.

When it's time to publish to Instagram, Loomly will send a push notification reminder to your phone:

Note: You can also choose to receive emails, Slack & Microsoft Teams notifications.

When you click on that notification, it will take you to the post within Loomly's app, where you will need to click "Publish to Instagram":

From there, you'll need to select if you want to publish the post as a Story or on your Feed.

Then, Instagram will open up, and you will need to publish the post manually just as you would if you were publishing from Instagram itself. The image will be pre-loaded, and the text of the post will be automatically copied to your clipboard. You can then paste the text, add music if you'd like and publish the post to Instagram as you normally would.

📝 Note: For Android, you'll select the post type > click on the "+" > select the images that were downloaded to your Gallery.

You can download our app to create and manage your posts or to receive push notifications on your mobile phone:

📝 Note:

  • You can only log in to 5 Instagram accounts per device. In order to prevent Instagram from flagging your accounts for suspicious activity, we would recommend managing less than 5 accounts.

  • If you manage more than 5 accounts, we would highly recommend inviting your clients and collaborators as users to Loomly. They would then be able to manually publish posts to their Instagram accounts to prevent Facebook from flagging the accounts from being accessed from different IP addresses.

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