Here is how you can set up a Zap with Loomly in order to have single-image posts published to Instagram.

1. Create a Zapier Account (if you already have a Zapier account, jump to Step 2)

  • Click here to easily set up your Loomly calendar to your Instagram Business account

2. Create a Zap

  • Click on Make a Zap to get started:

Zap Trigger Setup

  • Name your Zap (for instance: Loomly to Instagram publishing), search for Loomly in the list of available apps and select Loomly:
  • Choose Post Publish Required as Trigger Event:
  • Click Continue.
  • Sign in with your Loomly account:
  • Click on Authorize and then Continue:
  • Select the calendar from which you want to publish to Instagram:

⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to create one Zap for each calendar / Instagram account to which you want to publish.

  • Select Instagram as Provider, then click Continue:
  • Click Test Trigger to make sure everything is set up and working properly:
  • Click Continue
  • You are done with the Trigger part of your Zap -- congratulations!

Zap Action Setup

  • Moving on to the Action part of your Zap, search for Instagram for Business and select it:
  • Publish Photo should be automatically filled for the Choose Action Event, so press Continue:
  • Sign in to your Instagram account through the Admin of the Facebook page that is connected to the Instagram Business account, then click on Continue:
  • Choose your Instagram for Business account in the Instagram Account To Use dropdown menu:
  • In the "Photo" field, select 1. Publish Photo URL from the dropdown menu:
  • In the "Caption" field, select 1. Publish Copy from the dropdown menu:
  • In the "Tagged User(s)" field, select 1. Published Tagged Users from the dropdown menu
  • Click Continue.
  • IMPORTANT: Skip Tests in this part of your Zap to avoid publishing a sample post to your actual Instagram account:
  • Click Done Editing
  • Your Zap is ready: simply turn it on by clicking on Turn Zap On!

3. Start publishing from Loomly

  • You are now all set up in Zapier! Go back to Loomly.
  • Create an Instagram post in the same calendar as the one selected in your Zap (see above).
  • Schedule — or Publish Now — a single-image Instagram post, and it will be published directly to Instagram.


  • You will continue receiving Instagram publishing reminders from Loomly (emails, push notifications, and Slack if set up), so you can ignore them for your single-image posts to your feed!
  • Multiple-image posts, single-video posts, and stories will need to be published with the help of reminders.
  • There are limits placed on single-images that can be directly published to Instagram. The aspect ratio of the image must fall within the range of 1.91:1 and 4:5. If it is not, then you will see the following warning message and can edit your image with Loomly Studio to resize your image:
  • You can revoke Zapier's access to your Loomly account at any time, from the new Apps tab of your Account:

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at

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