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How to Optimize Your Social Media Posts with Loomly Hashtag Manager
How to Optimize Your Social Media Posts with Loomly Hashtag Manager

This article explains how to use Loomly's hashtag autosuggest feature and create hashtag collections.

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Loomly Hashtag Manager includes:

  • Suggestions: popular hashtag ideas based on the copy of your post

  • Trending hashtags: ideas based on currently trending hashtags

  • Collections: create Hashtag Collections to save yourself time from individually typing out each hashtag and quickly applying your Hashtag Collection. This is particularly helpful when you frequently use the same hashtags in your posts, so you don’t need to manually type them every single time.

Learn more:

1. How to access Loomly Hashtag Manager?

  1. Go to Post Builder and create a post as you usually would

  2. In either the generic content panel (Set Post Details) or the fine-tuning panel (Fine-tune Each Channel), click the Hashtags icon to open Hashtags Manager

2. View Suggestions based on your content's copy or Trending hashtags, or create or edit your Hashtag Collections.

3. Click the + icon for any hashtags you'd like to add to the copy

4. Exit out of Hashtags Manager once you've added the hashtags you like or click Done

📝 Note: Always start with the "#" symbol, followed by the hashtag (e.g. #Loomly), then hit the spacebar and repeat the process to add more hashtags! You can add up to 30 hashtags in one collection.

2. Hashtag Collections Shortcut

Each time you type in the "#" symbol in the copy field in both the Generic Content & Fine-Tuning panels, hashtag collections created will appear — simply click on your hashtag collection, and all the corresponding hashtags will be included in the copy of your post

Feel free to check the Flash Webinar about this feature here.

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