You can easily create posts or ads from files directly from a calendar's library. Here are some files that will be accessible from your calendar's library:

  • media that was uploaded directly to the Library

  • media from posts scheduled through Loomly

  • Notes and Post Templates created within the Library 

To create a post from the library: 

1. Select a calendar where you would like to create a post
2. Go to the Library 

3. For the post or ad you'd like to create, choose a single image, multiple images, a note, a single video, a combination of image(s) with a note, or a combination of a single video with a note
4. Select Build from Asset
5. Select either New Post or New Ad 

The selected files will be pre-populated in Post or Ad Builder, then you can make necessary adjustments before scheduling your new post or ad.   

📝 Note: You can also create posts or ads from the Asset View of the Library Asset.

  • Posts can be created from a media file, note, and post template's Asset View

  • Ads can be created from a media file's Asset View

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