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How to manage my subscription?
How to manage my subscription?
Updated over a week ago

When you sign up for Loomly, you can enjoy the entire application for free for 15 days, without any limitation. At any time during your trial period, you can enter your credit card information here: we will only charge you at the end of your trial period.

Then, you will be charged on the monthly or yearly anniversary date of your subscription. You will be engaged for the period that you paid.

You can check the renewal date from your Billing tab of Account Settings:

Please note that all subscription payments are handled by PCI-compliant solution Stripe, and we, therefore, accept the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We are currently not equipped to accept checks, cash, or cute kitten pictures as a form of payment.

In this article you'll learn how to:

1. How can I change my subscription?

Here are a few ways you can change your subscription:

A. Change your billing cycle

You can change your billing cycle from the Billing tab of Account Settings:

  • If you switch your monthly plan to yearly, our system will automatically calculate a pro-rated amount and charge you accordingly.

  • If you'd like to switch your yearly plan to monthly, it will only go into effect at the end of your yearly billing cycle.

B. Upgrade

You can upgrade your plan at any time from the Billing tab of your Account.

Just select the plan you want to upgrade to and our system will automatically calculate a prorated amount and charge you accordingly, based on your subscription anniversary date.

C. Downgrade

Downgrades only go into effect at the end of your billing cycle which means that:

  • If you have subscribed to a Yearly Plan you will only be able to downgrade at the end of your 12-month contract.

  • If you have subscribed to a Monthly Plan the downgrade will go into effect at the end of your monthly billing cycle.

D. Transferring the subscription to another collaborator

Please contact our team here with the following information so we can assist:

  1. Reason for transferring subscription

  2. The email address of the current account with the Loomly subscription

  3. The email address of the collaborator you would like to take over your subscription

2. How can I get receipts for my subscription payments?

A receipt in PDF format is automatically sent to you over email each time a successful payment is made.

If you need a duplicate of a particular receipt, just visit the Billing section of Account Settings and download it from your payment history section. You can update your payment method in the billing section of your account at any time.

3. How to edit my billing details?

You can access and update your billing information and payment method at anytime from the Billing tab of your Account.

Please note that you must be the subscriber with an active subscription if you would like to update any billing details as these sections can only be accessed from the subscriber's account.

To update the payment method or billing details

1. Go to your Account Setting, then to the Billing tab of Account Settings

2. Go to the Billing Details section (listed below the table displaying plans), then expand the section by clicking the expand button

📝 Note:

  • If necessary, the name and email address for your invoices must be updated directly from the subscriber's Loomly account. This can be completed in the Update Billing Information page.

  • If you would like the invoices emailed to another email address, you can list the email address in this section.

  • You can also add your VAT #, Tax ID, and EIN information if your finance or purchasing requires this information on the Loomly invoice.

4. How do I cancel my subscription?

Once you cancel a subscription, you and all other users under your subscription will no longer be able to edit calendars. Please cancel before the end date of your subscription to avoid unwanted charges. 

To cancel your Loomly subscription

  1. Sign in to Loomly

  2. Scroll down to the bottom, and then click Cancel Subscription. If you do not see "Cancel Subscription" then your account currently does not have an active subscription, your account is not the subscriber of the plan, or your account is still under trial

  3. Select Cancel Subscription 

  4. Confirm that your plan has been canceled by checking your Billing page. Loomly will also send an email confirming that you have canceled your subscription if completed successfully.

📝 Note:

  • Once you unsubscribe, you will be unable to edit your calendars after the date listed on the disclaimer statement.  

  • We do not have the option to pause subscriptions, so you will need to cancel your subscription but can use Loomly until your renewal date. Please cancel your subscription so the plan does not automatically renew.

  • If you cancel your subscription, you can continue using the Loomly subscription until the next billing date.

  • We recommend canceling at least 24 hours prior to your billing date and ensuring that you receive an email confirmation stating that your subscription was canceled. Please contact our team if you do not receive this email after canceling your subscription.

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