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Can you send me an invoice?
Can you send me an invoice?

Learn how you can access and download invoices

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In this article you can learn how to do the following:

Download invoice 

A receipt in PDF format is automatically sent to you over email each time a successful payment is made. After we charge the payment, you will also be able to access and download your invoice directly from your Loomly account in the Billing section of your Account Settings. 

To download the invoice: 

  1. Expand the Payment History section (by clicking in the outlined area displayed below)

  2. Download Receipt for the invoice you need to access

📝 Note: Only the subscriber will have access to the invoices on their account

Update billing information 

The billing information, such as the name or email address, can be updated in the subscriber's account. If you would like someone else on your team to receive an email of the invoice, please update the billing information. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 6 22 35 PM

To update the payment method: 

  1. Expand the Billing Details section

  2. Select Update Payment Method to enter updated credit card information, then press Update Payment Method to save changes

To update the billing address:

  1. Expand the Billing Details section

  2. Select Update Billing Address

  3. Make any necessary changes, then press Update Billing Address to save changes

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