You can create post templates and reuse them whenever you need them. This is great when you have an idea for a post but don’t know yet when to publish it. This is also quite handy when you need a boilerplate for recurring posts that you want to publish over and over again with slight updates.

To create a post template: 

1. Select a calendar where you would like to create a note
2. Go to the Library 

3. Click on Add Media
4. Select Add Post Template
5. Add step 1-4 as you normally would for a post in Loomly's post builder, then Create Post Template from the final step, Step 5

To create a post from a post template: 

1. Go to the calendar's library where you would like to create a post
2. Select the post template you would like to use
3. Click on Build from Asset
4. Click on New Post
5. This will take you to the Post Builder where you can adjust the Scheduled Date & Time and make any changes you would like before scheduling your post

💡 Tip: You can click Step 6: Create Post to save time rather than click Next through each step. 

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