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Why are my images and videos not uploading?
Why are my images and videos not uploading?
Learn about common solutions when media is failing to upload.
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There are instances where media files fail to upload or take longer than expected. Please confirm all the criteria are met.  

Why Is My Media Taking a While to Upload?

When you are uploading media to your posts, it is very important to ensure that your media is within the recommended size requirements.

If you notice that your media is taking longer than usual to upload or stuck in the processing phase, here are some tips that can help you improve it: 

  • Clearing the cache or cookies on your browser

  • Using Incognito or Private mode on your browser

  • Checking your internet speed

  • Disabling the firewall that prevents you from uploading the media file 

  • Disabling Ad Blockers and VPNs that may prevent you from uploading the media file

If the issue persists, please contact our Support Team and provide the following information: 

  • The browser you are using, and if you've encountered that issue with different browsers.

  • A full screenshot of the Console whole the issue is happening. When you inspect the page you will have several sections, and one of them is called "console" which is the section that we need a full screenshot.

Why is the color of my published image distorted?

Confirm that the color space is not in CMYK format for the photo. We would recommend doing the following moving forward so the colors do not get distorted.

  • Set the JPEG color profile to sRGB within your editing software before editing

  • Export JPEG in sRGB color profile

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