You can use images from your library to create a slideshow from your selected images.

Image requirements: 

  • Image format: .jpg or .png

  • The images must have the same image ratios  (e.g. 4 images in 1:1 aspect ratio with the dimension 1200 px x 1200 px)

  • 📝 Note: The image aspect ratios can be different if the image format for all pictures are the same (e.g. all .png files), but please note that this may distort your images 

To create a slideshow from your library:

  1. Select more than 1 image from your library

  2. Click the Slideshow icon (Make a video from photos) adjacent to Build from Asset

  3. Type in the Video Name, Width, Height, and Duration of each frame (seconds)

  4. Click Create

You will see the new slideshow added to your library, which you can now use to create a post or ad!

💡 Tip: Add images to your library with our Unsplash integration, so you can create visually appealing videos using stock images across the web!

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