There are a couple of reasons why your Pin's description or note might be missing even though your post successfully published:

  1. A URL is included in the copy of the text

In order to add a link to your pin AND include a description / note, you will need to follow these steps: 

  • Insert the URL in Step 3: Define Generic Content of your post

  • Remove the URL from the text in Step 4: Fine-tune Each Channel

  • Confirm that the URL is included in Edit Pinterest Link Metadata

2. There is a character limit of 240 characters when you add Link Metadata
If you have a Link Metadata included in your post and surpass 240 characters in the text field, then the description / note will not be published to your Pin. We recommend staying at or under 240 characters when there is a link preview for Pinterest. 

📝 Note: Without a Pinterest Link Metadata, the character limit cuts off after 500 characters 

If you are still unable to publish with the description/ note in your pin, please contact us at

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