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What can I do from the Post View?
What can I do from the Post View?

Learn what you can do in Post View

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The Post View is one of the most important views of Loomly as this is one of the Views that will allow you to collaborate. When you assign a collaborator to a post, your collaborator will receive a notification with a link to this view.

Here is a list of actions you can do from the Post View:

  • Preview your posts for the different channels selected

  • Update the post status

  • Assign one or more collaborators

  • Leave comments for internal purposes and collaboration

  • Duplicate the post

  • Edit the post (if the post has not been published to at least one channel)

  • Edit the Subject and Label once a post has been published

  • View the published post links

  • Download media files from the post

  • View logs of the post

Feel free to check out the Flash Webinar about Content Views here.

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