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How to manage users and social media accounts?
How to manage users and social media accounts?
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1. View the number of remaining users and social accounts

From the Billing tab of your Account you can view how many users and social accounts you have already added and how many are remaining:

If you are the subscriber and the owner, you can always access a link to this section from the Social Accounts and Collaborators tab of Calendar Settings.

2. Manage Users

You can access Manage Users from the Users tab in Account Settings.

You can invite users, grant them access to other calendars, update user roles for each calendar, and remove users from your subscription:

📝 Note:

  • As a reminder, even if a user is connected to multiple calendars, they only count as one user.

  • You will not be listed as a user in the Manage Users panel because the Owner role cannot be reassigned, but you will be counted as user.

  • This feature is only available on the subscriber's account (the person owning all calendars).

  • Once a collaborator has been invited to a calendar and creates an account from the invitation link, you will be able to update their roles, so you can grant them access to your other calendars.
    Simply assign a role to them for the other calendars you would like them to access.

3. Manage Social Accounts

If you need to connect or remove social accounts, go to each individual calendars in the Social Account tab of your Calendar Settings.

We also allow you to view, connect, refresh, and disconnect any social accounts from the Social Accounts tab in Account Settings.

You can view your social connection by:

1. View by Calendar

The View by Calendar in Manage Social Accounts allows the following:

  • Expand each calendar you can access to view social account connections by calendar

  • Connect new accounts or refresh and disconnect existing connections for any calendars you are permitted to access Social Accounts

  • View any calendars with account connection errors, which will be displayed with the caution sign next to the calendar name

  • Search for a specific calendar by calendar name

2. View by Provider

The View by Provider in Manage Social Accounts allows the following:

  • View any social accounts that are connected by provider

  • Search for specific account connections by Account Name

  • Filter social account connections by provider

  • Refresh and disconnect any connected social accounts

  • Filter by failing or expiring connections

💡 Tip: You can easily view failing or expiring Social Accounts by clicking the checkbox marked here:

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