You can publish to a Facebook group as a page with a few simple steps:

  1. Link the Facebook page to the Facebook group

  2. Add Loomly as a Group app

  3. Connect the Facebook Group to Loomly, and choose to publish from the linked Facebook Page

  1. Confirm that the Facebook fage you would like to publish from is linked to the Facebook Group

  • Go to Facebook group settings

  • Go to Manage advanced settings

  • Edit Linked Pages by pressing the pencil icon

Confirm that the Facebook page is listed as linked page

2. Confirm that Loomly is added as a group app. Directions can be found here.

3. Connect the Facebook group to Loomly, then select the option to publish as a page

⚠️ The profile you are logged into must be the Admin of the Facebook page to prevent any post failures.

Once connected, please confirm that the correct page is listed in the "Publishing As" section below the group. If this section is blank, posts for groups will be published from the Facebook profile used to connect.

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