Boost your posts with LinkedIn ads
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You can boost posts with LinkedIn ads directly from Loomly!

Here is how to start using Post Sponsoring for LinkedIn, in a given calendar:

  • Go to the Social Accounts tab of your Calendar Settings page and reconnect your LinkedIn Page:

  • On the next step, select the Ad Account you want to use for Post Sponsoring and renew your connection:

  • Jump to Post Builder to create a new post, as usual — make sure to select LinkedIn as a channel — before going to fine-tune

  • Go to the second panel, titled Fine-tune Each Channel and select LinkedIn, then click Target Audience and Promote

  • Go to the Post Sponsoring tab, click Show Sponsoring Options, and define your campaign parameters (budget, timeframe, objective & target audience). Then click Continue and make sure to confirm you want to promote your post.

  • On Post View, you will now see the details of your Post Sponsoring campaign, right below your post preview:

Learn more about LinkedIn Publishing in this Flash Webinar.

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