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What are Scheduled Reports?
What are Scheduled Reports?
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Scheduled Reports allow you to schedule and automate sending recurring PDF analytics reports on a weekly or monthly basis

You can schedule up to 3 reports per calendar and add up to 25 recipients.

You will be able to configure the following for each report:

  • Intervals: Weekly or Monthly

    • Weekly reports will send PDF files on Tuesday for analytics from Monday to Sunday for the previous week.

    • Monthly reports will send PDF files on the second of the month for the past month.

  • Recipients: list the email addresses, up to 25 recipients, by adding the recipient's email address, then pressing space

  • Services: Select the different channels you would like to include in your report

You can edit or delete the report at anytime.

This feature is offered on the Advanced Plan and up. You can set up Scheduled Reports from Analytics.

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