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Can I tag products?
Updated over a week ago

We allow you to add product tags on Instagram images if you have an Instagram shop for your Business account!

Here is how to add product tags:

  • Create your post normally, then go to the fine-tuning panel for Instagram

  • Click on the gear icon to open the Attachment Settings

  • Click on the Tag Products button

  • Click anywhere on the image, search and select the product, and then press enter

  • Repeat for any other products you would like to tag

  • You can also switch to other images in your post to tag additional users

📝 Notes:

  • Product tags can only be used if Facebook and Instagram checkout is enabled

  • Product tagging is only available for Instagram

  • Product tagging is only available for images

  • You can add up to 5 products

Learn more about Instagram shops here.

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