Q: Why didn’t I get a Magic Ticket airdrop?

Airdrop went to those who verified email + linked Discord to their ME profile by eod Feb 23rd PT, with active trades within 1 month prior to Feb 21st PT.

If you didn’t receive a Magic Ticket, it might be because of any of the following reasons:

  • Your connected wallet did not have active trade between Jan 22nd and Feb 21st.

  • You were not able to verify your email prior to the cutoff.

  • You were not able to link your Discord prior to the cutoff.

Q: I got the wrong Magic Ticket, e.g., I only got Normie when I’m actually OG.

We based the tiers on ME’s transaction data, so we’re pretty confident we got this right. For some who sent their wallet addresses and claimed that the first transaction was prior to Oct 17th, we checked and saw that the oldest transactions were on a different marketplace! 👀 Unfortunately, given the staggering amount of wallets being submitted for review, we are not able to individually check them all.

Also, active trade means buy or sell. Listing an NFT is not considered active trade.

We’ll soon make it easier for Magic Ticket holders to see their first transaction on ME, so if we really really really got this wrong, it will be possible to validate it in the future!

Q: I wasn’t able to verify my email or link Discord in time! What about me?

If you had trouble verifying your email AND messaged us via Twitter DM or Help Desk before Feb 24th, we’ll work with you to make sure you don’t miss out!

Unfortunately we’re not able to make an exception for those who were not able to link their Discord. We believe we gave ample time for this to be done, and even provided some troubleshooting tips. But don’t worry: if you’re keen to be part of the MagicDAO, you can always get a Magic Ticket on ME's marketplace. (The floor wasn’t too bad last time we checked.)

Q: I’m using a Ledger wallet so I didn’t get a Magic Ticket. What about me?

Because Ledger doesn't support signing, we unfortunately are not able to link those wallets to email and Discord. We're currently trying to work out a solution with Ledger. No guarantees here, but you'll hear from us if there are any developments!

Q: I don’t have a Magic Ticket but I want to be part of MagicDAO. What could I do?

And we’d love to have you be part of this special community, too! Head on over to Magic Ticket’s collection page where you can get a ticket. (Last we checked, all levels are, in fact, available to bid for our buy!)

Q: What is the Magic Ticket/ MagicDAO?

You can learn more about the MagicDAO and its roadmap via our blog. Stay tuned via Twitter for even more information as it comes!

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