Using Magnetiq to manage and host the perfect event

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Create / setup an eventManaging the event data: name, date, venue, RSVP limits
Setting RSVP limits: maximum attendees / deadlineUsing Magnetiq to optmize RSVP invitations and reach full control of your event management
Authorize members to access and manage an eventYour workspace members can't access an event until Administrators grant them specific permissions
Managing the list of an eventHow to add contacts to an event or remove them (while keeping them in the centralized contact list)
Tracking attendee's invitation status
Editing the status of multiple attendees
Streamlining the RSVP Process, Optimizing Guest ConfirmationsOptimize the RSVP process. Send digital invites, customize RSVP landing pages, automatically update guest statuses, track RSVP responses.
Crafting Personalized RSVP and Response PagesCustomize your RSVP landing page. Tailor intro text & call-to-action buttons to suit your event's vibe!
Enhancing RSVP Process: Collecting Additional Guest InformationElevate your RSVP process by collecting additional guest information on the landing page, enabling personalized event experiences.
Guest notesAdd relevant information about your contacts, and use them to manage your event more effectively
Enabling seat segments to team managersHow to enable the accessibility of seat segments for specific teams (company divisions, regions, external agencies, ...)
How to split a seat for two guests (bis seat)Creating overbook seats to make sure that every show front row is full
Sending paper invitations, printing labels and cover letters
List display for Check-in sectionThe check-in section will only display guests you can expect to see at the event. Here's the criteria they need to match
Check-in attendees in your web browser (Android users)
Check-in attendees with iOS appHow to check-in guests at an event with your iPhone or iPad
Enhanced RSVP Tracking in Magnetiq
Event Check-In Preparations: Essential Points to VerifySimplify event check-in with Magnetiq. Verify, use individual accounts, prep staff, check devices, preload guest list, sync post-event.
Mastering Plus One RelationshipsElevating Event Planning with Magnetiq