Adding images

To add images to a product, navigate to the My Products section and click on a product. Click on the Gallery tab on the left menu and then choose whether to add and individual image or upload multiple with the batch option.

Why are images important?

Your images and other visual content are the most important thing you can use to sell your products. They give customers a visual of what they can expect from the experience you provide.

Resellers have different specifications for their visual content, what works for one reseller might not work for another. We have gone through all of these requirements and come up with specifications that will work with them all.

Number of images

We recommend you upload a minimum of 5 images per product but preferably you should have 8-10 images.

Image Specifications and Dimensions

Images should be in .jpg format and in 3:2 Landscape aspect ratio, that simply means that the frame is one and a half times as wide as it is high.

Your image should be a minimum of 1280 pixels wide by 853 pixels high. We recommend that your images are 3000 pixels by 2000 pixels, this will ensure your image meets the minimum and maximum requirements of all the major resellers.


All images must be color, not black & white or sepia.

Your filename must not contain any special characters or spaces or some resellers will reject them. We recommend that you keep it to simply letters and numbers (e.g. Yosemite National Park 01 should be yosemitenationalpark01)

Image Quality

Please make sure your images are clear and sharp as blurry or pixelated images may be rejected by resellers, plus they do not help you sell your product.

Image content


Only upload photos of things that are actually relevant or included in the activity. Choose images that shows what is unique and desirable about your product and sets customer expectations will set your product apart. Use photos that show the activity, environment, or people enjoying the experience.

Use only single images, do not upload collages or more than 1 image. Do not upload images with borders around them.

Do not use images that contain inappropriate material (nudity, adult themes, etc.)

Watermarks and Overlays

Images must not have any graphics or text overlays such as company logos, phone numbers or certification stickers.


You must own the copyright for the photos you upload. This means that either you took the photo yourself, hired someone to do it for you, or purchased the photo and have proof available.

CS Global Transamerica

If identifiable people appear in the photos, you must be in possession of a model release, particularly for minors. You don't need a copy of these documents, but resellers may ask you to provide them if they are requested.

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