We've recently changed our approach to how we communicate about product releases here at Maia. To catch up on prior release notes, see Releases prior to 3.10 / August 2021.

Major Release 3.11.0 - 14 Oct 2021

Key improvements to our core platform

We're keen to release a couple of targeted enhancements to improve your experience in MaiaGrazing.

Bulk Pasture Observations

We've heard feedback from our customers keen to enter pasture observations more efficiently across multiple paddocks. You can now easily enter pasture figures across your whole property from one screen, and check the last recorded observation inline. For more details, see the how-to from Mark in our grazing success team here: Bulk Pasture Observations.

Ratings Lookup Tables

As a reference point when updating stock ratings for your mobs, you can now see tables to help easily reference the rating from animal weight in the units set in your user preferences. Just click the 'i' next to the ratings field from any of the Livestock screens.

Graze Planning Improvements

While we have a large piece of work planned to overhaul Graze Planning in Maia, we continue to deliver some smaller improvements.

  • The "Ranking" column in the Graze Plan screen has been extended to allow entering of feed estimate values instead of just a 1-10 ranking, to weight the paddocks in the plan by the amount of feed on offer.

  • Graze Density column (in Head/area) now added to the Graze Plan, bringing this key graze metric into your planning process.

Other improvements in this release

  • The bulk Mobs Edit page now shows summary cards of the Total Head and Total Rating across all your mobs.

Minor Release 3.10.4 - 30 Sep 2021

A minor release has been deployed containing the following enhancements:

  • A new logo and colour scheme! MaiaGrazing has had a visual refresh and now it's time for the product to get a fresh coat of paint.

Minor Release 3.10.3 - 16 Sep 2021

A minor release has been deployed containing the following enhancements:

  • The Monthly Stock Sheet report now correctly takes into account property transfers

Hotfix Release 3.10.2 - 9 Sep 2021

A hotfix release has been deployed to address some specific issues:

  • Carrying Capacity not showing the correct value on the Operations Dashboard for some unit types.

  • Datafixes to remediate stockflow numbers for specific customers affected by issues combining stock.

  • Datafixes to remediate errors viewing and editing mobs for specific customers where a birth has failed to complete properly.

Major Release 3.10.0 - 1 Sep 2021

New MaiaGrazing mobile app enters private beta!

We are thrilled to be launching the private beta of the MaiaGrazing mobile app to our colleagues, customers and partners within the Maia support team. The mobile app has been re-architected from the ground up to provide a modern, easy-to-use and high quality experience.

By building on state-of-the-art technology, we will be able to roll out fixes, improvements and new features more often. Transitioning to the new app will be a gradual process that begins now - we will gather feedback and finetune with the private beta group, which will expand over time as the new app feature set is built out. The support team will reach out over the coming weeks if you might be a candidate for the beta testing group - if you'd like to register your interest, please get in touch!

Bugfixes and improvements in this release

  • Analytics: Carrying Capacity and Stocking Rate calculations now correctly handle rounding in all screens and for all unit systems.

  • Livestock: add Stock Class and Enterprise columns to the Mobs List screen.

  • Analytics: When exporting Stockdays reports to CSV, calculations did not match values displayed on dashboards for customers using Imperial settings (ie. US).

  • Livestock: After performing a Mob Move or Purchase, redirect back to the Mobs List instead of Edit Mob screen.

  • Livestock: We no longer carry through a default date value when performing mob transactions like Move, Merge, Split, etc. to prevent problems created by incorrect date entry.

  • Mobile: Changes required for compatibility with upcoming iOS 15 update.

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