Majordomo offers you the ability to share your Domoreport with up to 9 additional people. There are three levels are sharing:

  1. Owner: Can add photos, add/edit/delete documents, and managing sharing.

  2. Contributor: Can add photos, add/edit documents.

  3. Viewer: View only.

If you are an owner, there are three easy ways to share:

#1: During the Ordering process

Right below where you upload your inspection, you can choose your alert method for when the Domoreport is complete, and share with others. You decide what level of access you want to give them. They will also be alerted when the Domoreport is ready.

#2 At the top of the Domoreport

At the very top of the report is a button that says, "Share Report." Click on that button.

A box will pop up that shows you who the Domoreport is already shared with and their level of access. You can edit/remove existing access and add new people.

Note: you can only change yourself from no longer being an owner if there's another owner who you've already shared with.

#3 On The Settings Page

In Settings, we list each Domoreport you have access to. If you're an owner, you'll also see a button to "Manage Sharing." Clicking on that button will bring up the same pop-up window as in the Domoreport.

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