Why Are My Total Costs Updated?
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The total costs are updated because of two reasons:

  1. Cost savings by requesting multiple repairs and replacements from the same contactor type. Instead of charging two separate trip charges for a small job, they can be combined into a single trip and save you money. Learn more

  2. You uploaded a quote from a specific contractor that we prioritized over the range estimate.

Let's focus on the first reason with an example:

The general contractor's original cost is crossed out and replaced with a lower number. That's because contractors have a minimum trip charge: an amount they'll charge just for showing up, no matter how small the project is. It's fair since their time is valuable.

When you click on any repair, you can see if there's a trip charge:

In this case, replacing the shower door has an incremental trip charge of $30-$49 above the labor cost..

But what if you ask them to do more than one repair?

Our system intelligently adjusts the minimum trip charge to account for it, which is why you'll see a crossed-out repair cost and total. It's our way of transparently showing you that costs have gone done. The system also updates all the totals, so you get an accurate estimate of how much a repair will cost.

Why not combine them all right away?

The Domoreport is a dynamic tool where you build your request list on the same page. We don't expect you'll ask for everything repaired.

  • Some things you'll accept as-is.

  • Some things you'll want a credit.

  • Other items you won't want to exclude and not show at all.

  • And finally, some items you'll want replaced or repaired.

When you request an item to be replaced or repaired, that's when a contractor gets involved, and when the minimum trip charge for multiple repairs can change. In all the other cases ("Request Credit", "Accept As-Is", and "Exclude From List"), the trip charge is not affected and the original number will stay.

See it in action:

We realize it can be tricky, so here's the bottom line: Majordomo intelligently adjusts your repair costs when you choose items to repair or replace. That way you know you have the most accurate repair costs possible.

If you have other questions about the trip charge adjustments, contact us.

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