Here at MakeBox, we always try to reward our subscribers in every way possible!

As well as getting free couriered shipping on your subscription, early access to new releases, and priority in shipping out of the new boxes, you also gain MakeBox Loyalty Points for your signup, and each consequent renewal.

When you signup to one of our subscription plans, your account will be credited with 20 MB Points.

Each renewal that happens thereafter, you will gain 30 MB Points!

100 Points = £10 off of your next renewal OR your next shop purchase

200 Points = £20 off of your next renewal OR your next shop purchase

So why not become a subscriber today, if you aren't already, to start getting rewarded for your subscription!

How do I redeem my Loyalty Points?

Head on over to your Account Page:

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of your Account screen:

Here you can see how many Loyalty Points you have earned so far, and you can click on 'Choose my Reward' to claim your next reward.

Make sure to choose the correct one; for money off your next renewal, choose 'Off Next Renewal' and if you're wanting to buy something in the online shop with a discount, choose 'Off Next Purchase'

Confirm your selection and then it will be automatically applied to your account.

Can I refer my friends for points?

You can - in the past we had an automated system for this, but we are happy to honour this still. Please email us at with the information; who did you refer. We can then look to see if your referral has made a purchase and reward your account with 25 MB Points if they have.

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