The Client List

The Client List give you quick access to phone numbers and is where clients are selected for viewing information.

The Client View

After selecting a client from the list there is access to the following:

❖ Main Client Information

❖ Settings

❖ Engagements

❖ Invoices

            ❖ Invoices can be Previewed, Edited, Time History Previewed and Reversed.
            ❖ Expanding the row will make available all payments that have been applied.

❖ Payments

            ❖ Payments can be reversed and Process Returned Items.
            ❖ Expanding the row will show all Invoices the payment has been applied to.

❖ Open Time Records

            ❖ Will show by Activity all Time Records that have not been billed.
            ❖ Expanding the row will show all records associated with the Activity.

❖ Client Notes

❖ Client Contacts.

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