The following are the main areas of Due Date Management (DDM):



The Dashboard is made up of several sections that filter and segment projects for All Users, or Selected Users, Due Dates, Tags and Status.  The Recent Activity Feed will display Projects and Tasks as they are completed.  The Dashboard is intuitive with Point-and-Click functionality to quickly view the Projects that meet your criteria.


Settings is comprised of 4 sections:

Company Template Library
Email Notifications
Default Assignments


There are 9 tags, 2 of which are locked.  The 2 tags that are locked are Available for Work and Extended.   The Available for Work tag is automatically tagged on a project when a Received Date has been entered.  The Extended tag is automatically added on a Project if an Extension Date is used.

The remaining 7 tags can be customized.  To edit a tag, simply click in the field and enter a description.

Company Template Library

Project Templates can be Added from the Master Template Library (see below), or you can create your own customized Project Templates.  The icon to drill down, allows you to quickly see the Tasks that are associated with the Project.  To edit the Company Template, click on the Template name.  

Settings - Duplicating Projects

Company Templates can be duplicated to clients in batch.  To duplicate a Company Template, select the checkbox and select the Duplicate button.  Only 1 Company Template can be duplicated at a time.

Duplicating Projects Screen

Selecting clients to duplicate a Company Template can easily be done by filtering the client list in the Search Clients filter.  You can filter by Client Type, User, Manager.  Selecting the Duplicate button will create new projects for all selected clients based on parameters in the Company Project Template.

Master Template Library

The Master Template Library contains generic Project Templates that can be Added to your Company Template Library.  Selecting the Add button will change to a green color and indicate Added indicating that the Project Template has been added to the Company Library.

Email Notifications

Email notifications can be enabled or disabled by clicking the appropriate check box as shown below.  (See Help Article DDM - Settings)

Project Assigned.  When a project is created, there can be possibly 2 emails that are generated:  

  1. Manager assigned

  2. User Assigned

Each of these individuals will receive an email notification.  If the Manager and User Assigned are the same, only 1 email notification will be generated. 

Task Assigned:

  1. If there are Tasks for the Project, the #1 Task - User Assigned will receive a email notification when a Project is created.

Task is Ready to be Worked:

  1. If there are multiple Tasks on a project, as each task is marked completed, then the next Task - User Assigned will be notified by email that the Task is Ready to be Worked.

Project - Ready for Review:

  1. If a project has marked 'Requires final review to complete the project', once all tasks have been completed or a Project with No Tasks is Completed, the status will be changed to Ready for Review and the Manager assigned will receive an email notification.

Project - status In Progress

  1. Once a project status changes to 'In Progress', the manager will be notified by email of this status change.  The project status is changed to 'In Progress' when at least 1 task is marked completed.

Project - Failed Review

  1. If a manger Fails a Review then a record is added to tasks called Failed Review.  A Note could be emailed to any user indicating why the Project Failed Review.  If a Project fails review, the status is changed to In Progress.  The Failed Review task item must be marked complete in order to trigger the Ready for Review status at which time the manager will receive another email notification.

Default Assignments

Default assignments are used for Adding Projects from the Master Template Template to the Company Library.

Project List

The Project List is where Projects are displayed based on filtered criteria.  Projects can be further filtered by changing the values in the Drop-down lists or by keying information in the Search by filter box.

Projects can be Edited by clicking on the Project name.   To view the client history, select the client name to view all projects associated with a client.

From the Project List, hovering over the color tags will display the tag description. Hovering over the Memo icon will display the Project Memo.  

If any notes were added to the project, a Note count will be displayed in the Project List.

Please Note:  The Search By box can be used to quickly find client projects, or projects based on the information entered in Search By.

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