There are 2 ways to import data into Mango Billing:

  1. Quickbooks Integration (Enterprise plan only)

  2. Importing using Excel Spreadsheet in .CSV format. (Download file below)

Please Note:   Importing data is only available for paid plans.  If you are in a trial, importing is not allowed.

Methods for Importing Data:

Quickbooks Integration:

For Enterprise Plans that have turned on Quickbooks Integration (QBI) in Settings, then Mango Billing will import/sync Client information, Open Invoices,  Projects and Activities.   It is important to NOT import using the Excel Spreadsheet and then sync with QBI as this will cause duplicate information.  If you DO NOT have client information in Quickbooks, then is recommended to import your data using the Excel Spreadsheet.  Once QBI is turned on, then clients will export from Mango Billing to Quickbooks.

Excel Spreadsheet (.CSV format)

Mango Billing has a worksheet (below) to import the following types or records:
Open Invoices
Open Time and Expenses

After your spreadsheet is downloaded simply cut and paste your column data into our spreadsheet.  

Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. The 1st row of column headings, on the spreadsheet, should not be modified.  

  2. The State column should be not exceed a length of 2.  Use State abbreviations.

  3. The Country column should not exceed a length of 2.  US for United States.

  4. The Inactive column should be 'f' if  active and 't' if the client is Inactive

  5. The columns ClientTypeID and GroupDescriptionID should be entered on the spreadsheet exactly as it is setup in Mango Billing.  (Ex:  ClientTypeID - Partnership)  Partnership should be entered on the spreadsheet.  (Ex: GroupdDescriptionID - Retail)   Retail should be entered on the spreadsheet.

  6. The columns StaffIAssignedD, BillingPartnerID, OriginatingPartnerID should match the Staff Name exactly (case sensitive) as entered in the User section of Mango Billing.  (Ex: John Smith should be entered as John Smith on the spreadsheet)

  7. The ContactRecord should 'f' unless this is a non-client record.

See the Import Guidelines articles for items that should be setup in Mango Billing before importing your spreadsheet.

Download File

(Click the file name link to download)

Mango Billing Client Import Worksheet.csv
Mango Billing Open Invoice Import Worksheet.csv
Mango Billing Open Time Expenses Import Worksheet.csv

Getting a solid start with Mango Billing is to be sure you are importing your data correctly!  If you need assistance, please let us know.  We are here to help!

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