Our pricing page lists the available subscription plans. The plans are based on the number of users in your account. The pricing is per team, not per user. 

Some Common Questions

Do you offer any subscription discounts?
Yes. You can save 20% on any annual plan and simply pay once per year. 

Can I change my plan if I need to add or remove users?
Yes, you can change your plan anytime, and we will make the adjustment on your next billing cycle. Per user pricing for additional users in your account is $5/user/month. External users such as partners, clients, contractors are free.

When will my credit card be charged?
We don't require a credit card to start your free trial, so the first charge is not until you purchase a subscription. 

Can you extend my free trial?
Yes, we can extend your free trial. Sometimes 30 days is not enough for an organization to fully evaluate Manifestly. Please contact us if you or your team need additional time to test Manifestly.

When can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time and your card will not be charged again. You will not be charged any cancellation or termination fees.

Can I pay with PayPal or by check?
Yes. If you require additional payment methods or invoicing options, please contact us and our billing department will work to help you become a customer.

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