There are 3 different ways to make assignments in Manifestly and it's a big part of our service:

  1. Role based assignments in the workflow

  2. Person specific assignments in the workflow

  3. Person specific assignments in the checklist run

First, since checklist runs of a workflow inherit all the settings of the workflow, assignments made in the workflow automatically are created in each checklist.

Role Based Assignments in Workflows

This is the recommended approach in workflow step assignments. There are two reasons you would do this.

You might assign to roles instead of people because it is easier to change who has a role than to go back and edit workflow assignments when a person leaves your organization. This is why we recommend the use of role based assignments.

You might choose this approach if different people share the same role and the specific person is dependent on the day, the client, or the checklist. For example, you might always want IT to do some onboarding tasks, but the specific person in IT might change fairly often.

Assignments in the Workflow and Checklitss

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