When editing your workflow, you can set up expected durations for each step in your process. These durations are relative in time and the exact due dates are calculated whenever you use the workflow.

How to Create

Click the calendar icon for the step you want to set a due date.

After choosing the due date option, you'll see this form. There are 3 required fields.

First, choose the amount and unit of time (minutes/days/hours).

Then choose what this should be based on. You have 3 options. 

  1. The date & time the checklist was started. 
  2. The completion of the previous step.
  3. The date and time the checklist is expected to be completed. 

How this works in the checklist run

The system will automatically calculate the exact day and time of each step's due date, based on the settings you created in the template. For due dates based on the previous step, we will calculate the next step due date when that previous step is completed.

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