1. Sign in to your domain’s hosting account.
  2. Locate the DNS Management / Zone Editor / Advanced Zone Editor areas.
  3. You now have to add 2 new records:

Adding your DKIM Records:

Add 2 new CNAME Records with the following information:

Record #1

Name: marketherokey1._domainkey
Points to: key1.markethero.io

Record #2

Name: marketherokey2._domainkey
Points to: key2.markethero.io

You're all done!

Keep in mind these type of changes usually can take up to 24 hours to go live.

Adding your DMARC Record:

Add a new CNAME Record with the following information:

_dmarc CNAME _dmarc.markethero.io


Shopify DNS does not support DMARC formatting, at this time setting up DMARC records with Shopify purchased domains is not possible.

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