Solution: MarketForce One

Platinum Credit Limited is a credit only Micro-Finance Company licensed in Kenya. They are a major regional player in East Africa, with thriving presence in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, employing over 1000 employees and serving more than 80,000 customers. The company offers a wide range of products, including emergency loans, personal loans and log book loans.

Platinum was MarketForce's very first client in 2018. They have stayed with us ever since. Deployed on the cloud, Platinum Credit uses MarketForce One to optimize their sales cycle and increases revenues by helping reps and agents connect to the entire customer journey – including lead generation, customer service, and fulfilment across the three markets where they operate. With in-app quotation calculators, their field sales agents are able calculate loan and insurance installments and premiums on the spot, while talking to their leads, in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to MarketForce, Platinum has been within 5% of its sales forecasts, gaining wide visibility that’s fine-tuned with pinpoint accuracy.


“MarketForce’s instant and constant insights into our sales pipelines has made us extremely data-driven and efficient across Kenya, as well as in Uganda and Tanzania.” - Wayne Barrat, Group CEO, Platinum Credit

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