Features for Sales Agents

Sales agents use the MarketForce mobile-based Android app and enjoy the following features:

  • Customer relationship management. A complete view of their customer portfolio together with lead and opportunity management, through real-time lead entry, follow-ups, and closing.

  • Order, collections and delivery management. Possibility to take real-time orders from retailers and outlets, together with delivery management and payment collection management, everything in a few taps of a button.

  • Customer feedback collection. Data collection on customer needs and preferences through customizable and flexible surveys.

  • Information Sharing & Data Access. Sales agents are always up-to-date with critical data wherever they go, directly on their mobile devices.

  • Real-time Commission and Target Management. Sales agents can keep track of their current performance vs set targets, as well as of the commissions accumulated, at any time and wherever they are.

  • Offline Mode. Use MarketForce both online and offline, as with our solution sales reps are able to keep working even with no Internet connection.

Features for Managers and Executives

Managers use the MarketForce cloud-based web portal, which presents the following features:

  • Product & Stock Management. Access to your full product portfolio, with cost calculators, targets and commissions.

  • Territory & Route Management. Easy definition, planning, administration, analysis, and change of sales territories and routes to match the sales organization’s needs, no matter how complex it is or how frequently it evolves.

  • Customer & Sales Agent Geolocation. Geo-mapping of customers and sales agents, so that managers always know their location, at any given time.

  • Incentive Management Module. Easy management of complex commissions or incentive plans based on goals and targets assigned to a team or a sales agent.

  • Merchandising & Activations Module. Tracking of promotions, competitors, and promotional activities in the field.

  • Salesforce performance reports. Real-time view into the sales team performance and data-driven analysis of sales results, including product performance and top buying customers.

  • Sales forecasting and analytics. Real-time picture of the business at a glance and use of sales reporting tools to analyze sales pipelines, perform win-loss analyses, create historical trend analyses, and more.

  • Data Quality and Security. Data quality and security maintenance. With MarketForce, it is guaranteed that the customer database has valid data and is free of duplicates. Furthermore, all the documents and information stored are protected from unauthorized access and backups provide vital records and disaster recovery protections.

  • Possible integrations with other solutions. Possibility to integrate MarketForce with ERP systems, accounting software, and more, to guarantee a seamless flow of data and information throughout the whole organization.

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