Why MarketForce?

  • Comprehensive Solution - 360-degree approach to sales and distribution management

  • Easy Configuration & Integrations - API-based and highly configurable to match your workflows

  • Mobile and Offline First - Tailored for the African market, available without internet connection

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction - Exceptional customer support all through

  • Simple User Interface - User-friendly interface across all devices and user types

Who is MarketForce built for?

MarketForce is ideal for FMCG companies and Financial Service Providers. Whether you are a new beverage manufacturer just starting up or a Multinational insurance company looking to expand your sales reach, MarketForce is right for your business.

How much does it cost?

MarketForce is a subscription based solution that is billed per active user per month.

Is my data safe with MarketForce?

Yes, we take your data privacy and integrity very seriously.

My business workflow is slightly different. Can you customise MarketForce to work for me?

Yes, we can configure MarketForce to fit your specific business needs.

I have a huge customer database, will I need to upload them one after another?

No, you can do a bulk upload. Download the template provided from the ”Bulk Create” button to create a structure for your customer list and upload it on MarketForce.

What do I get on the free MarketForce plan?

On the free plan, you can add up to 5 free users and access limited features such as customer and order management.

Why should I upgrade to a paid plan?

You should upgrade to a paid plan in order to access more features, like geo-location of users and customers.

Can the mobile app work offline as my field agents sometimes go to places with low internet availability?

Yes, the mobile application works offline first. When connected to the internet, the data automatically syncs to the cloud, and can be seen on the web platform.

Is the application available on iOS?

Not yet. For now, it is only available for Android devices.

Android 6.0 and above, 2GB of RAM and 2GB of free storage is recommended for the app to function properly.

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