MarketForce 360, a comprehensive platform for consumer companies to manage their field sales activities and grow their distribution channels in Africa.

The Problem: In emerging markets, consumer brands(manufacturers, distributors and financial service providers) rely on millions of field agents and ‘corner shops’ who act as the first point of interaction between them and their customers. Outdated forms of collecting data(pen and paper, excel) are still the main system used for sales and distribution management, leading to slow fulfillment of orders and loss of critical customer data; making reporting and decision making for businesses a pain.

How do companies know who is buying their product, when they are buying it, where they are buying it, at what price, and what they’re buying it in conjunction with for better and timely decision making?

Our Solution: MarketForce 360 is a mobile app where sales agents and retailers record all their sales activities including orders, visits, deliveries, payments and feedback as they happen, giving companies real-time market visibility into the performance of their agents and products in the market.

This enables companies to serve customers better by optimizing their sales, distribution and marketing activities and teams based on market trends and consumer purchasing habits.

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