What are the benefits of targeted SMS marketing?

Not a very frequent marketing channel, but SMS campaiging has many advantages, many recall the well known advantages of the online environment.

  • SMS allows a direct, targeted communication, like in on-line
  • The ability to target campaigns to specific locations
  • High flexibility for reaching a last-minute offers
  • SMS allows you to increase traffic if it is low because execution is very fast
  • Posibbelity effective communication with existing customers
  • SMS can receive almost every phone and nearly every user is able to work with SMS
  • SMS channel is very convenient also cost

And why is SMS marketing so effective?

Here are some statistics about the SMS messages that speak for themselves:

  • SMS opens up to 98% of respondents, while email only less than 20%
  • The recipient SMS message, usually read SMS message 5 minutes from the time of delivery
  • A large majority of e mail is spam, while SMS is just a very small percentage
  • To offer with call-to-action for example through SMS coupon in response usually at least 10-15% of respondents, while for direct mail or email campaigns, it is only 1-3%.

Why should companies add text message to their marketing mix?

For who is the best SMS marketing?

SMS marketing has proved very effective tool in a variety of retail operations, services (restaurants, cafes, cinema and hairdresser), but also in the financial sector and tourism.

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